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Relentless Innovation

We are an innovative hotel management company delivering the competitive advantage of new business intelligence to hotels through our A-to-Z hotel management platform. 

We create hotel management technology that seamlessly blends innovation and application,
delivering significant top-line and bottom-line gains to hospitality businesses through a versatile and scalable proprietary cloud-based system that fully optimizes all hotel operations and activities.

Solutions That Deliver

Our solutions automate and optimize highly complex business processes and decisions, while the full integration of hospitality operations boosts operational efficiency, reduces costs, and generates new business insights that drive revenue and profit.

The Ginosi Hotel Management Platform employs over one hundred software modules built on advanced algorithms that optimize the entire web of hotel operations, from channel management to yield optimization, guest check-in and housekeeping to customer service and reservations to security and access.

we create tools that work

​Tested leading edge algorithms and the most advanced techniques combine with our experience to create tools that do what’s never been done.

We Love To innovate​

Innovation matters when it brings palpable improvements, and our solutions deliver better-than-expected gains time and again.

we value our customers' needs

Nothing matters to us more than matching our tools and services to what you need for your business, and when you need it.

We succeed when you do

No upfront fees, no expensive pay-first software. Our fees are performance-related, and we have a direct interest in your success.

Hospitality management reinvented.

Technology Is The Only Way Forward

The future of hospitality lies in the power of technology to disrupt, empower, improve, transform, and inspire. Invest enough in technology, and eventually, you’ll rewrite the rules.

The hospitality management system we envision has the new era of connectivity and interactivity as part of its DNA. Innovation and transformation are written into the Ginosi code.

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