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One Platform, Nine Years in The Making​

We are an innovative hotel management company delivering the competitive advantage of new business intelligence to hotels through our A-to-Z hotel management platform.

Founded as a hospitality technology company in 2010, we have operated as an online travel agency, hotel management firm and hospitality chain in pursuit of our vision of universally optimizing all hotel management processes into a single intelligent system. Our proprietary technology and expertise have coalesced into a cloud-based all-in-one hospitality platform that delivers customized management tools and services to hotels worldwide.

Our solutions automate and optimize highly complex business processes and decisions, while the full integration of hospitality operations boosts operational efficiency, reduces costs, and generates new business insights that drive revenue and profit.

The GINOSI Hotel Management Platform employs over one hundred software modules built on advanced algorithms that optimize the entire web of hotel operations, from channel management to yield optimization, guest check-in and housekeeping to customer service, and reservations to security and access.

Using our unique technology, built in-house by expert developers, we operate hospitality properties around the world while our team at headquarters leverages bold innovation to steer hotel management to a new dimension.

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