New Perspective on Value: Why GINOSI Matters for Hotels in the Coronavirus Crisis

Hagop Panosian, Marketing Manager

The hospitality industry will come out of the coronavirus pandemic bruised and battered, but alive. The crisis has not yet peaked, and while the outcome remains highly unpredictable, it can safely be assumed that the pandemic will cause permanent change. Things will not “go back to how they were” when it’s over. The contagion will subside, but the chain of events it has set off will not, and nor will the fears it has created.

It’s also safe to expect that many companies that were strong before the crisis will fail, but some hospitality companies will also take the opportunity to make changes that will position them for rapid growth in the post-Coronavirus environment. How? By reshaping their products and services to allay the primary post-crisis concern of their customers: health and safety.

GINOSI is in a position to help these companies maximize their survivability and minimize their rebound time. In a world where pandemics look set to quickly become the norm, GINOSI is in a unique position to offer hotel owners an efficiency leap and operational advantage that goes far beyond hotel management software and services. Here are the reasons why.

1. We’re Built Around Remote Work

Ginosi is built around remote work from the ground up. The ability to collaborate and run hotels remotely has been the cornerstone of GINOSI’s business model from day one, and we’ve been doing it for a decade.

All GINOSI-managed hotels are operated remotely through our HIP (Hospitality Intelligence Platform) cloud, with the requirement for on-site management staff reduced to a minimum.

2. We Rely on Innovative Automation

The second pillar of our business model is replacing people-heavy processes that consume time and resources with efficient automation. Front-desk operations are a perfect example, where check-in, check-out and guest communication are handled by interactive kiosks and custom apps.

As a result, our self-hosted hotels and apartels reduce unnecessary human interaction to a minimum, improving health and cutting the risk of contagion.

3. Operating With Minimum Number of FTEs

We employ remote operation, automation, efficiency and connectivity with the ultimate goal of reducing FTE requirements to a minimum, so that hotels can be run with the smallest possible on-site teams.

Like automation, deploying the smallest possible teams also reduces unnecessary human interaction to a minimum, further enhancing guest and staff protection.

For the cash-strapped health-conscious hotels of the post-Coronavirus environment, Ginosi’s approach to hotel management creates solutions that prioritize the goals that will matter most – lowering labor costs, limiting human contact, and maximizing remote operation capability.

About Ginosi Hotel Management Technology and Services

GINOSI is an innovative hotel management company delivering the competitive advantage of new business intelligence to hotels through HIP, our A-to-Z Hospitality Intelligence Platform.

The drive to Automate, Unify and Integrate is the foundation of Ginosi. Our hotel management platform delivers top-line and bottom-line gains to hospitality businesses through a versatile and scalable proprietary cloud-based system that fully optimizes all hotel operations and activities.

Our solutions automate and optimize the hospitality industry’s business processes and decisions, boosting operational efficiency and generating new insights that drive business growth.

Ginosi also provides a full set of hotel management services that boost the value the platform delivers for hotel owners, including Corporate Management, CRM and Operations Management, and Marketing Management.

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