Webinar: How Emerging Technologies Will Transform Hotel Management in the Post-Covid-19 Era

On 19 April 2020, Ginosi’s forward-looking hotel management technology and its power to deliver resilience and crisis survivability to hotels in the Post-Covid-19 era was the subject of a one-hour webinar by Ginosi Marketing Manager Hagop Panosian. Watch the webinar replay on this page.

Interested in finding out more? Read our blog post titled “New Perspective On Value: Why GINOSI Matters For Hotels In The Coronavirus Crisis“.

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About Ginosi Hospitality  Management

GINOSI is an innovative hotel management company delivering the competitive advantage of new business intelligence to hotels through HIP, our A-to-Z Hospitality Intelligence Platform.

The drive to Automate, Unify and Integrate is the foundation of Ginosi. Our hotel management platform delivers top-line and bottom-line gains to hospitality businesses through a versatile and scalable proprietary cloud-based system that fully optimizes all hotel operations and activities.

Our solutions automate and optimize the hospitality industry’s business processes and decisions, boosting operational efficiency and generating new insights that drive business growth.

Ginosi also provides a full set of hotel management services that boost the value the platform delivers for hotel owners, including Corporate Management, CRM and Operations Management, and Marketing Management.

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