Get Smart: The Value of an All-in-One Hotel PMS In The Era of The Smart City

Hagop Panosian, Marketing Manager

When cities use enhanced connectivity and interactivity through devices embedded in the urban environment to improve the quality of available services and manage resources better, they are said to be “smart cities”.
When cities become “smart” they unlock new economic potential through smart transport, e-government, smart manufacturing, and smart tourism.
Whether it’s IoT devices, bots, virtual and augmented reality or security devices, the goal is to make the city more comfortable, accessible and exciting for residents and visitors while generating data to support better planning decisions.
So what makes the “smartness” of a city important for hotels, and how can hotels benefit from it to bring in more guests and revenue?

Extending the Smart City to The Hotel


Several features that make cities smart can also be applied by hotels:

1. Turn the surrounding environment into a channel for delivering information and services to guests and learning more about them.

2. Use knowledge about guests to customize their experience based on their preferences and needs, improving the quality of their experience.

3. Use data to improve the efficiency and productivity of hotel operations.

Opportunities For Hotels From Smart Tourism

Before we look at what can hotels do to “get smart” and benefit from the opportunities created by smart tourism, let’s look at what those opportunities are.

More Information

Travelers visiting a city leave a digital trail with information about their movements, activities and preferences. To the degree that it is accessible, this information can help hotels learn much more about who their guests and use the insights to make their marketing and CRM more effective.


Greater Efficiency


More information about guests enables better planning and customization, like heating a room to the right temperature just before a guest arrives.

Better Marketing


Some smart city technology can create an entirely new universe of interaction between hotels and their customers. Augmented reality and the promise to “paint the world with data” (Charlie Fink), can raise a hotel’s discoverability in new ways and serve as a new marketing and sales channel.

More Customers

Plugging into a city’s smart infrastructure can also help hotels get more customers by reaching locals and visitors who are using the city’s smart infrastructure to look for entertainment, food or other venues

Getting Smart: How Hotels Can Initiate a Digital Transformation to Plug Into The Smart City


So what makes a smart hotel well… smart? Information. Generating it, and processing it to extract insights.

There are two processes fundamental to becoming a smart hotel: one is Guest Profiling, which is about knowing who your guests are, where they’re from, and what their travel preferences are. The second is Event Tracking, which is about knowing what is happening in your hotel, where guests and employees are and what they’re doing.


Some basic forms of Guest Profiling and Event Tracking are already widely used, but where the game completely changes is when all of these processes are managed by a single system, or an All-in-One PMS (Property Management System]. The Ginosi Hotel Management Platform is one such system, with over one hundred software modules that handle nearly every hotel management process as one super-intelligent cloud-based platform.

A New Relationship

In a “smart hotel”, a new relationship is created between hotels and guests. A new transaction occurs: the guest is offered more personalization and tailored choices, and a frictionless hotel experience. In exchange, the hotel receives more information about guests to gain insight about each and find ways of turning those insights into revenue.


The benefit for the guest is a better experience, and the benefit for the hotel is a more efficient and profitable business. As we shall see below, Ginosi helps deliver these benefits to both hotel owners and their guests.

The Value of The All-in-One PMS

There are two processes fundamental to becoming a smart hotel: one is Guest Profiling, which is about knowing who your guests are, where they’re from, and what their travel preferences are. The second is Event Tracking, which is about knowing what is happening in your hotel, where guests and employees are and what they’re doing.

The All-in-One Hotel PMS is a key component of this relationship, as it brings together and optimizes all hotel operations together, especially the core functions like Yield Management, Channel Management and Distribution, Direct Bookings, Reservations and Occupancy, Operations and Housekeeping, Reputation Management, and Financial Processing and Reporting (see screenshots below). This generates knowledge and insights that were not possible before.


What Can an All-in-One PMS Do For Hotel Operations?

An All-in One PMS like the Ginosi Platform enables the management of all hotel management operations from a single system that can be accessed from anywhere with a single login. How does it achieve this?


1. By automating everything that can be automated.


2. By unifying all hotel management operations into a single system.


3. By integrating with third-party service providers and processors.

The end result? The end of software frustrations. No more data migration errors and losses. A new clarity about every detail of your business, and naturally, improved top-line and bottom-line business performance.

The All-in-One PMS is the cornerstone of a “smart” hotel business, and the stepping stone to plugging into the smart city.

About Ginosi Hotel Management Technology and Services

The drive to Automate, Unify and Integrate is the foundation of Ginosi. Our hotel management platform delivers top-line and bottom-line gains to hospitality businesses through a versatile and scalable proprietary cloud-based system that fully optimizes all hotel operations and activities.

Our solutions automate and optimize the hospitality industry’s business processes and decisions, boosting operational efficiency and generating new insights that drive business growth.

Ginosi also provides a full set of hotel management services that boost the value the platform delivers for hotel owners, including Corporate Management, CRM and Operations Management, and Marketing Management.

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