One Platform, Full Capability​

One Platform, Full Capability​

To help you do an incredible job: that’s the goal behind Ginosi’s hotel management philosophy. We know everything there is to know about hotel management. But what good is all that wisdom if it’s not in the hands of hoteliers like you, extending your reach, and squeezing every possible gain in efficiency and every dollar in revenue to push you to the front of the pack?​

Fearless Innovation​

To solve the hotel management puzzle once and for all, we invested in the ingenuity and innovative spirit of talented people. We looked at hotel management from the ground up, played with the rules, bent and broke a few, and created a few more to bring you the only hotel management platform you’ll ever need. That’s why you won’t be given an obscure piece of software that solves a small part of one piece of the puzzle, or told to figure it out on your own. What you can accomplish with our fearsome arsenal of hotel management tools will take your breath away, and they’ll start producing gains for you from the very first minute.

Optimize Revenues in Real Time

You’re leaving money on the table, and lots of it, if your pricing does not take into account the seasons, your competitors, or event-based spikes in demand. Responding to changes in demand in real time is crucial to your success, but this consumes time and effort. With our Yield Management tools and two-way Channel Manager you’ll be selling more of your rooms at higher price points, and raising your RevPar and ADR by correlating with just the right occupancy rate for maximum revenue. Never worry about underpricing or missed opportunities again as our tools automatically adjust for seasonality, demand fluctuations and competition to make sure your hotel is operating at peak potential round the clock.

Instant OTA Content Updates​

Staying in the customer’s line of sight is vital for any business, and if your hotel can’t compete for online visibility it might as well not exist. Our two-way Channel Manager instantly and simultaneously updates visual and written content across all your sales channels with a single click to turn page views into reservations. The battle for visibility is constant and time is too valuable, so no more repetitive updates every time you make a change.

Stay Close to Your Customer​

You might be tempted to think a full-featured hotel management platform with so much capability might distance you from your guests, but not with Ginosi. Whether you’re operating just one hotel or hundreds, our Review Management tools gather, analyze and classify all guest reviews on all your sales channels, instantly zooming in on what works and what needs attention. Meanwhile, the Ginophone app keeps hotel staff and the Contact Center in constant touch for quick quest service. This super-fast feedback and response loop translates to effortless quality control, higher OTA search rankings, and repeat business.

Don’t Irritate, Automate​

Nothing angers a tired arrival more than sitting on the lobby sofa and waiting for check-in, followed by dull paperwork. Digital Kiosks guarantee seamless and fast check-in and check-out in a dozen languages, support secure payments, and liberate staff and management from front desk duty at awkward hours, letting advanced security systems with smart locks and cameras take care of access and safety for everyone. Streamline room service with the Ginosi Tally in-room digital panel, and delight guests with the power to set the desired temperature for their rooms even before they arrive!

Manage From a Command Center in Your Pocket

Gemini is the name of a constellation and the name of a NASA program, but for Ginosi it’s a task management app of cosmic power. Gemini allocates, coordinates and tracks operations tasks, teams and to-do lists across your entire business, minute by minute, cutting response time on incidents or guest service issues to near-zero. From housekeeping cycles to replenishing stock to middle-of-the-night guest requests, Gemini is the can-do concierge in your smartphone.

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