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Located next to the Gai Statue in the Nor Nork district of Yerevan, the GINOSI Business Center offers state-of-the art working environments and a wide range of related facilities for companies,  startups and entrepreneurs.

At the GINOSI Business Center you can create the suitable environment to drive your career, and the perfect backdrop for its most important moments.

It’s time to make history.



The GINOSI Business Center offers state-of-the-art office spaces housed in brand new building.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows frame stunning views of Nansen Park across the street and the city beyond, while glass interior partitions, exposed ducting and modern lighting create a modern and stylish work environment.

The building-wide HVAC system delivers fresh air everywhere while also enabling full control over your working space.


Spaces at the GBC are designed for enhanced collaboration in a high-tech, high-intensity environment.

Flexible layouts allow individuals and small teams to create their ideal work environment, while super-high-speed wifi and access to building facilities like meeting rooms, cafeteria and gym create the ultimate in comfort and convenience.



The GINOSI Business Center’s multiple meeting rooms provide the space and connectivity for those all-important meetings crucial for your business.

Equipped with Chrombox PCs, high-resolution cameras and super-high-speed wifi, the GBC meeting rooms can accommodate up to 12 and can be rented as needed by GBC tenants .


The GBC auditorium can host up to 50 guests, and is equipped with a ceiling hung high-quality projector and multimedia recording and processing room.

Combined with adjacent open spaces, the auditorium is an ideal place for hosting lectures, seminars and corporate trainings.


Combining 300 square meters of both covered and uncovered outdoor space, the GBC’s rooftop terrace offers stunning views of Yerevan and is ideal for hosting any kind of event. Need catering? We offer it too!


Nor Nork is a bustling urban district, and finding a parking space at any time of day is not easy.

Renting a parking space in the GBC underground garage solves this problem permanently. Access control systems and coded digital locks ensure that safety is taken care of as well.



The GINOSI Business Center is a state-of-the-art work space housed in brand new building in Nor Nork.

Located in one of Yerevan’s fast-growing districts, GBC offers easy access to transport, food, banking and shopping venues, as well as Nansen Park just across the street.

Tsiran Supermarket is right next door, and Gai Avenue is just a minute’s walk away. Newly-opened Mega Mall is five minutes by foot, and the Palace Shopping Center is even closer.

Traveling to and from work in the mornings and evening is always against the flow of heavy traffic, saving time and sparing tenants the frustrations of driving in Yerevan traffic.


The GINOSI building has its own cafeteria serving breakfast in the morning, and tea and coffee throughout the day.

The facility also features a gym available for use by office tenants. 


Access control, security cameras and 7i door locks make the GINOSI building a very safe place to work.

All tenants are assigned a unique access code for the main door, while digital locks limit access to each space to authorized personnel, creating perfect automated access control.

Meeting rooms can be reserved with Meet App, a Ginosi productivity app that coordinates with Google Calendar to reserve meeting rooms.


The GINOSI building’s interior spaces and corresponding lease plans are designed for maximum flexibility.

As a GINOSI tenant you can lease the area your company needs, and partition that space in accordance with your requirements.


As a GINOSI tenant you will have access to uninterruptible power supply and super-high-speed WiFi.

Meeting rooms feature computers and television screens with cameras for those special conference calls with clients and partners in Armenia or abroad.

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