One Platform, Maximum Efficiency​

Smooth & Efficient Hotel Operations​

Get started effortlessly, operate smoothly and efficiently. Accomplish more and from anywhere with super-easy setup and great design while Ginosi’s tools take the headaches and frustration out of the operations equation. Find out how we’ve made running a hotel a breeze.​

Let The Tech Do The Work​

Sit back and operate your hotel on autopilot as our operations management tools do the grunt work. If it can be automated, we’ve automated it, so you can put your energy into effort that multiplies the impact of your actions across your entire business.

Peak Performance

Keep your team at peak efficiency with our Team Schedule module and Task Management app. Automate repetitive and outdated tasks, and allocate staff to more productive tasks. Employ only as many people as you need to, and no more. Easily keep up with your hotel’s staff requirements as you grow, and measure the productivity and effectiveness of employees at the click of a button.

One Login, Total Control

It’s imperative for any hotelier to know exactly what’s happening and where everyone is at all times. We’ve not only made this possible with cool software and hardware, we’ve made it easy, too. Monitor and run your entire hotel business from anywhere with a single login. Smart locks, cameras, digital kiosks and the Gemini task management app constantly deliver complete information about what’s happening at your properties.

Smooth Operator​

There’s a lot that needs to get done when you’re in charge of a hotel, but that’s not news for Ginosi. Our Operations Team leaves nothing to chance, tracking inventory, keeping procurement cycles rolling and keeping your rooms neat and tidy for the new guest, with soap in the bathroom and clean sheets on the beds. Use our handy in-your pocket task management apps to know what’s just been completed, what still needs to be done, and who’s doing what. Wire up your hotel to the latest cost-effective tech solutions, surveillance systems and communication hardware, with support and on-call troubleshooting on hand. Let connected devices like digital kiosks and smart locks take care of check-ins, check-outs and room access, and forget about lost keys and lost guests. Logistics just went from a nightmare to a sweet dream.

Cover All Corners

Running a hotel consists of many different but equally important activities. We understand that all these aspects of your business are interdependent and have a direct impact on the success of your hotel, so we’re put them all in one place, in one platform so that you can monitor all of them together. Process payments, keep up to date with suppliers, monitor and adjust staff schedules, allocate tasks, follow reservations, and manage guest contact and reviews, all at the click of a button.

A Better Workforce​

We manage the recruitment process from start to finish, from interviews to onboarding to exit interviews, all in compliance with local labor laws. As a first step Ginosi will carry out a human resources audit, using our experience to determine how well personnel are allocated in your business. We will also keep up with your hiring needs as your business grows, identifying the right hiring channels and finding the best talent in the industry. We do more than just hire and fire, of course. We invest in the personnel of the hotels we manage, developing and training employees and championing a culture of cohesion. Our approach to human resources will produce a more motivated, well-trained and productive workforce.

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