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Tools and expertise in hotel management

  • Automated Revenue Optimization

Maximize RevPar, ADR and the yield of your hotel with automatic price adjustments based on seasonality, events, and market conditions

  • Ginosi Channel Manager​

Distribute inventory across multiple OTAs simultaneously with instant price and content syncing across all channels, and automatic inventory updates with every reservation

  • GDS Integration

Connect your hotel inventory to the Global Distribution System and thousands of travel agencies

  • Channel Specific Pricing

Set different prices on each channel independently (price disparity)

  • Ginosi Central Reservation System

Accept and process reservations through OTAs, your website, and all other sales channels. Manage single, group and corporate reservations easily, without overbooking

  • Direct Reservations

Accept commission-free direct reservations with a fully integrated booking engine on your hotel website, and by chat, email or phone through the Ginosi BackOffice, including special requests and upsells, with access and updates to reservation history

  • Occupancy Dashboard

Use drag-and-drop calendar to manage reservations, filter inventory by type or amenities, move guests to new rooms, and remove rooms from inventory for cleaning or repair

  • Inventory Management​

Configure every detail of your inventory, including features, amenities, policies, online content and much more, directly in our BackOffice and see any change instantly reflected across all sales channels and OTAs

  • Auxiliary Products and Extras​

Create and customize products for upsells, and independently configure prices, special offers, fees, taxes, deposits, and penalties for each product

  • Customer Loyalty Programs​

Build customer loyalty by rewarding returning guests with discounts and special offers

  • Ginosi Kiosk​

Check guests in and out and offer upsells through digital interactive kiosks without the need for front desk staff

  • Ginosi API​

Use our secure and flexible API to easily integrate your system with Ginosi.

And many more!

  • Automated Email Communication

Automate email communication for routine processes

  • Custom Templates​

Improve communication quality and efficiency with optimized email, chat and phone call templates

  • Guest Tracking​

Process reservations faster for return guests, with full access to guest history

  • Ginosi Chat​

Engage with guests and communicate internally on one integrated system

  • Operations Overview​ Dashboard

Monitor check-ins and check-outs, special requests, guest feedback, completed and overdue tasks, housekeeping schedules, operations, and staff performance scores, all from a single dashboard

  • Housekeeping Scheduling

Organize housekeeping schedules and tasks based on room condition and occupancy, and manage incidents with instant hotel-wide incident reporting

  • Guest Service Prioritization

Automatically prioritize guest service tasks for quick response and improved guest experience

  • Lost and Found​

Configure and manage Lost & Found service with instant reporting and coordinated storage and retrieval

  • Food & Beverage

Complete F&B management solutions, including integration options with LAVU and Toast.

  • Meetings and Events​

Organize and host conferences and other events hosted at your hotel, with location and timing automatically coordinated with F&B and spaces management

  • Parking Management​

Integrate free or paid parking services with reservations, ensure hassle-free parking for guests by automatically allocating and reserving parking spots

  • Utility Accounts​ Management

Manage your hotel’s utility accounts directly from BackOffice by configuring automated periodic payments and alerts

  • Mission Control

Create and implement team projects with Ginosi’s advanced project and task management application


And many more!

  • Financial Systems Automation

Setup and configure prices, fees, taxes and extra charges for rooms, products and upsells, adjusting settings based on seasonality, events or market conditions

  • Payment Platform Integration​

Integrate with reliable third-party payment platforms for revenue protection and fraud prevention

  • Payment Processing​

Collect revenue from multiple third-party payment platforms through a single funnel, and fully monitor money flows

  • Cash Drawer​

Track cash flow in real-time

  • Custom Invoices​

Generate custom invoices based on geographic, legal or corporate requirements

  • Data Migration

Export data from any Ginosi module in spreadsheet format

  • Currency Conversion​

Display prices with multiple currency and converted rate options​


  • Sales Overview Dashboard

Sales information and report generation by location, timeframe, channel, and price

  • Occupancy Overview​

Inventory performance evaluation to support pricing adjustments for maximum revenue

  • Budgeting ​

Use thorough performance data to allocate budgets efficiently to management activities and make realistic forecasts.

  • Transactions Overview​

View transactions per currency, payment option, a chosen period of time and product type, and revenue per reservation

  • Review Management

Gather, analyze and classify guest reviews from all your sales channels, instantly zooming in on what works well and what needs attention

  • Full Reports Suite​

Generate, download, print and share periodic financial and performance reports

  • Currency Conversion​

Display prices with multiple currency and converted rate options

  • WiFi Networks​

Remotely maintain and control your wireless connection

  • Surveillance Camera System​

Maintain full security even without an Internet connection as security cameras record and store footage locally

  • Telephony GinoFon​

Enable free VOIP calls on-site and in all your rooms, Fax, Call, and Chat

  • Entertainment System​

In-room smart TV solution

  • Smart Thermostat​

In-room temperature control with preferences settings and cost optimization

  • Full Reports Suite​

Generate, download, print and share periodic financial and performance reports

  • Room Door Access​​

Door access configuration and access for guests and staff

  • Access Control System​

Security and access control for multiple spaces with smart locks connected to our BackOffice

  • Performance Overview Dashboard​

Monitor and evaluate staff performance with task management data automatically correlated with customer feedback and reviews

  • Employee Management System​

Manage your entire workforce from one dashboard with profiles, job descriptions and responsibilities, and performance reviews. Use the GinosiMe app to organize workflows and get things done on schedule

  • Applicant Management​

Post job announcements on your hotel website, and accept and process applications through the Ginosi BackOffice

  • Salary Management​

Configure and update staff compensation, bonuses and incentives correlated with performance reviews and guest feedback

  • Permissions Management​

Configure and control access for individuals and teams to spaces and software modules through smart locks and access codes


Tools and revices to guide your success

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Our tools and services are aligned with your goals. We do everything to delight our customers and cover their needs – from hotel hardware to task management software, to operations management services.

Yield Management

Maximize RevPar, ADR and yield with automatic price adjustments for seasons, events, and market data

reservations & sales

Accept and process reservations through OTAs, your website, and infinite number of other sales channels

Guest Care

Use guest history to generate analytics and insights, process reservations faster for return guests

hotel operations

Track operations and task progress, housekeeping schedules and staff performance from one dashboard

Finance & Payments

Integrate with reliable third-party payment platforms for revenue protection, guest vetting and fraud prevention

Business intelligence

Generate sales information, reports and insights for your entire business or by location, timeframe and channel

Commercial services

Work with Ginosi's Revenue Optimization and Management team to maximize yield and develop new revenue opportunities

Guest Care Services

Use the Ginosi's 24/7 Customer Care service to manage guest support and communication, promote upsells through support channels

Hotel Marketing Services

Work with Ginosi's Marketing team to plan, design and implement marketing campaigns customized for your business goals

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