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We specialize in freeing hoteliers of the heaviest day-to-day hotel management burdens. Our professional management teams handle the most difficult and time-consuming management tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture.
Say goodbye to guest support frustrations as our Financial Team and Contact Center reliably and quickly process financial transactions and handle guest inquiries by email, chat or phone.
Say hello to new top-line gains as our Yield Management specialists will sell your rooms at the best possible price on any given day using advanced algorithms and yield optimization software that adjusts prices in real time to seasonality, concurrent events, market conditions and the competition.

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With their mastery of advanced revenue-and-profit-driving tools, our services teams can give your business a significant edge.

Commercial Services

We’ll grow your top line and profits with our commercial management experts

Marketing Services

We’ll give your guests new ways to engage with your brand and property

Guest Care & Operations Services

We’ll keep your hotel running smoothly and your guests happy 

All the perks without the burdens

We'll manage everything for you

We do the work while you steer your business. It doesn’t get better than this.

Less work, more profits

Who Says Success is Hard?

Helping hotel businesses succeed is what our experts do every day.

From Perspective to Insight

Know Everything At All Times

Dashboards & reports deliver knowledge from the big picture to the smallest detail․

how you can benefit with us

Tools and expertise in hotel management

  • Yield Management

Assign revenue optimization and management to Ginosi for maximum yield and insights on how to identify and develop new revenue opportunities

  • Financial Management

Management of financial processes and operations, including revenue assurance, payment processing, and financial

  • Financial Reporting & Advice

Periodic, quarterly and annual financial reports, forecasts and recommendations from our Finance team

  • Ginosi Contact Center

Manage guest care and communication through the Ginosi Contact Center, with 24/7/365 availability through phone, chat and email, and very fast response speeds. Increase sales by using guest communication to promote upsells

  • Corporate Management

Assign the A-to-Z management of your hotel to our Corporate Regional Managers while using performance data and sales reports to keep track of your hotel’s progress

  • GDS Integration

Connect your hotel inventory to the Global Distribution System and thousands of travel agencies

  • Human Resources Management

Work with Ginosi to audit and adjust your hotel’s needs in correlation with your operations management tools, and organize the full hiring cycle from job ads to shortlisting, selection, onboarding and exits

  • Review & Reputation Management

Assign Ginosi to gather, analyze, manage and respond to guest feedback and reviews

  • Marketing Campaign Management

Work with Ginosi’s Marketing team to plan, design and implement marketing campaigns customized for your business goals

  • Brand Management

Define, promote and maintain your brand identity with Ginosi’s architectural, interior design, and content creation services

  • Creative Marketing

Work with Ginosi’s Marketing team to create and maintain written and visual content for your hotel across all sales channels

Tools and services to guide your success

Tools for hotel management

Our tools and services are aligned with your goals. We do everything to delight our customers and cover their needs – from hotel hardware to task management software, to operations management services.

Yield Management

Maximize RevPar, ADR and yield with automatic price adjustments for seasons, events, and market data

reservations & sales

Accept and process reservations through OTAs, your website, and infinite number of other sales channels

Guest Care

Use guest history to generate analytics and insights, process reservations faster for return guests

hotel operations

Track operations and task progress, housekeeping schedules and staff performance from one dashboard

Finance & Payments

Integrate with reliable third-party payment platforms for revenue protection, guest vetting and fraud prevention

Business intelligence

Generate sales information, reports and insights for your entire business or by location, timeframe and channel

Commercial services

Work with Ginosi's Revenue Optimization and Management team to maximize yield and develop new revenue opportunities

Guest Care Services

Use the Ginosi's 24/7 Customer Care service to manage guest support and communication, promote upsells through support channels

Hotel Marketing Services

Work with Ginosi's Marketing team to plan, design and implement marketing campaigns customized for your business goals

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